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Camp Rules

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Camp Champs

John Harrell’s High School Basketball

2018 Camp Dates:

9th / JV / Varsity – June 28 – June 30

Middle School – July 12 – July 14


High School rules will apply except for the following:

1. All games will be played in two 15 minute halves with running clock.

2. Clock stops during the last (1) minute in each half.

3. If one team is up by 20 points or more, the 2nd half clock will not stop during the last 1 minute.

4. All shooting fouls will be awarded (1) free throw and will count as 2 points and 3 points for a 3 pointer. Must shoot the FT on a AND 1. Note: All shooting fouls in the last (1) minute of each half will be played out normal just like a regular game. If the 7th team foul is committed before the 1 minute mark, teams will shoot one shot and if made count as 2 points. This only applies if there is more than 1 minute.

5. All non shooting fouls the last (1) minute of each half your team has to be in the bonus on the 7th team foul to shoot the last (1) minute. 10th team foul shoot 2 shots.

6. Pre-game warmups and halftime will be a minimum of (3) minutes.

7. Timeouts – (3) per game.

8. Overtime – Only one (2) minutes in duration. After OT – sudden death applies. (1) Timeout in OT. NO CARRY OVERS from the game.

9. Players will foul out on the (6th) foul.

10. Two IHSAA officials will be used for all games, and will be in control.

11. Wilson Jet Evolution full size ball will be used for games. Please bring your own basketballs to warm-up.

12. Pool winners are decided by the following:

A. Win-Lose Record

B. Head to Head

C. Point spread maximum of 15 points per game allowed

D. Coin Toss

Note: We always go on win-loss record whenever possible. If we have to break a tie with 3 teams or more to determine a seed, we use point spread first then goes back to head to head whenever possible.

Click for a pdf of theĀ Game Rules.